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Avenues that can help reduce your tax liability

15 Mar 2015 in

By Achmat Kazie BA (SA)

There are many ways in which people can reduce their tax liability, for example saving via normal avenues such as the Retirement Annuity, Pension Funds or Provident Funds. These vehicles however can be complicated and also require fixed monthly contributions. …

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13 Mar 2015 in

As many of you know, 12 TSiBA Alumni members have attended a weekend camp in the Grootwinterhoek Mountains in November 2014 as part of a partnership between TSiBA Alumni and Educo.

The partnership allows for TSiBA Alumni to visit the mountains (on selected dates) and make…

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TSiBA My Hero

10 Mar 2015 in

by Sipho Dyanase
Oh…TSiBA my hero
Oh…TSiBA the intelligent one
You compromise time and effort just to ensure we obtain knowledge
You encourage and motivate donors to invest for our lives
Oh…TSiBA how kind can one be?

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My 2014 Internship at Curo Fund Services

03 Mar 2015 in

Written by Shon Von Harte, TSiBA Bachelor in Business Administration Student (BBA2)
WOW! What an experience! As I began my internship at the beginning of December 2014 I had no idea that CURO would have such a massive impact on me and my career…

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TSiBA Ignition Centre: Sanlam Business Partners’ programme

19 Feb 2015 in

Yesterday TSiBA Ignition Center organized a reception dedicated to the close-out of the year-long business training project sponsored by Sanlam. The project was part of the Sanlam’s ESD initiative to support five local entrepreneurs. The goal of the project was to empower entrepreneurs through rigorous training, mentorships, and networking opportunities…

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ESMT MBA Graduates Paying it Forward at TSiBA

21 Jan 2015 in

by Mariana Helguera
January 21st 2015
Since the beginning of the Full time MBA 2014 in ESMT Berlin, I got to know more details about its Responsible Leadership Fellow Program. Since I heard about it I was interested in becoming a volunteer for six months after graduation.…

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TSiBA Eden 2014 Alumni Reunion

20 Oct 2014 in

Written by Hakim Caeser, HCBA Student

The TSiBA Eden annual Alumni gathering were held this Saturday at our Karatara Campus. Former students from 2010 to 2013 were invited to this auspicious event. There was great excitement on Saturday in the early hours of the morning when the students coming…

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Recruting & Application Season Is Upon Us At TSiBA

16 Sep 2014 in

Written by Thobekani Menyelwa, TSiBA Eden HCBA Student

Last week kicked off with what I think has been a fun part of my year as an HCBA student – the recruiting season!

As proudly TSiBA Eden HCBA students we headed into Knysna and George High schools to recruit students…

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TSiBA’s Grows it’s Open Access Book Collection

16 Sep 2014 in

Written by Ilana Barling, TSiBA Librarian

Picture: Kaylen Breda, Nonkonzo Rwayimani, Rafeeq Goliath, Celene Chetty (sitting), Jennifer Moeketsi and Ivan Moulomba

In September, Juta and Company kindly donated two large boxes of books which are perfectly suited to the Open Access Book Collection at TSiBA.

This collection, found in the…

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What Paying It Forward Means To Me

28 Aug 2014 in

Written by Soren Cloete, TSiBA Volunteer

I heard about TSiBA, when Dorothea Hendricks, who was the Student Counselor at the time (also related to me), told me about TSiBA and invited me to come join and do some volunteer work because I was just sitting at home. I actually don’t…

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