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International Work Internship (IPJ) Credit Suisse Core investments

11 Jul 2016 in

Written by: Gcobani DyantyiI, final year TSiBA Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) student

On the first Monday of February, I reported at Credit Suisse (CS) Sihlcity Zurich where we had an introduction half day hosted by B360 team members. We learned how things work within CS, how we should…

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Sorry, the world is such a cruel place

14 Jun 2016 in

In commemoration of Youth Month Cindy Van Wyk, BBA student at TSiBA has written a thought compelling piece on her view of modern day society:

I wake up some mornings, afraid to bring another human being into this world. Not because life is becoming more expensive but…

Applied Coaching and Mentorship lectures commence

25 May 2016 in

Lectures began today at TSiBA Cape Town for the Postgraduate Diploma in Small Enterprise Consulting (PG Dip SEC) class of 2016/2017. The first lecture on Applied Coaching and Mentorship forms part of module 2 in this 18-month block release programme. This course is designed to develop consultants to be…

TSiBA Enactus Students Pay it Forward in Langa Township

24 May 2016 in

Written by: Nadia van der Byl, BBA1 student at TSiBA Cape Town and member of Enactus.

On the 12 May 2016 seven TSiBA Enactus students prepared for the first implementation of the “Born and Bred in Langa” project, which is a project aimed at stimulating entrepreneurship in townships. The…

TSiBA SRC Invited to New Hope Summit

22 Apr 2016 in

The New hope Summit was held in Stellenbosch University, the topic of this discussion was “Transformation and Decolonisation in higher learning institutions and the role of Student Representative Council (SRC) in the transformation process”. TSiBA SRC were invited to attend and assist with organisation of the summit to engage with…

Does social media cause more harm than good?

06 Apr 2016 in TSiBA Eden Blog

It is an undeniable fact that we live in a technologically advanced world where information is readily available to anyone, anytime and anywhere. This has made life so much easier and convenient for all, but just like everything in life that convenience comes with responsibility. If one is not careful…

TSiBA Eden gets a visit from Franklin University students

04 Apr 2016 in

Franklin University Switzerland joined Eden students to workshop global issues hosted by Armando Zanecchia, Professor of Political Science & Int. Management, organised by Elisabeth Leaning & Nathalie Belet of local NGO Conservation Global.

Armando incorporates Sustainable Development into his curriculum and has been involved in a number of projects…

Paying It Forward

09 Mar 2016 in

by Santosh Marrivagu, 2015 EMST MBA Graduation, 2016, ESMT Responsible Leadership Fellow

A better world. Many wish it. Few take actions for it. And fewer strive to realise it. Since the beginning of February I’ve had the privilege of being an active part of an organisation…

To: All Students

11 Feb 2016 in

by Olwethu Gubula

You are here today

You are here today to live a life of meaning, and to live it well. You are here today to make a difference.
You are here today to witness the beauty of this life. You are here today to…

My first week at TSiBA

28 Jan 2016 in


written by Sbahle Lujiva:TSiBA Marketing Coordinator

My name is Sbahle Lujiva, I’m from a small town on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal called Harding. I am the new Marketing Coordinator for TSiBA. They say you have not lived until you learn to follow your heart. It…

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