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The 2015 TSiBA Eden Alumni Gathering was all about networking and the start of new beginnings. TSiBA Alumni are students who have previously studied at TSiBA Eden. They travelled from many areas across South Africa to attend this function to Ignite Opportunity. The event was held in Sedgefield at the Pelican Lodge on the 19 June 2015, after the campus’s 2015 Graduation Ceremony, and was a great success. It was a good exercise for the TSiBA Eden Alumni’s to gather and share their stories, discuss possible networking opportunities and ask “why are we here”- hopefully leading us to a bigger pay it forward purpose for our next gathering . All had a chance to introduce themselves and tell the others what they are currently doing after completing their studies at TSiBA Eden.

Alumni came from as far as Mount Fletcher, Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape, as well as some Alumni from Johannesburg who are currently working in Unilever’s head office in Sandton, and Cape Town doing their BBA. This annual event is important so that students are able to reconnect and new networks can be born. It’s also an incredible opportunity to keep in touch with our Alumni to see what they’re doing and how they are getting on in life. It is inspiring to see how these TSiBA Eden graduates are so independent after being at TSiBA for only one year. Be sure to stay in touch with Marilyn Meyer .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to ensure that you are part of our next Alumni gathering so that we can Capture the Magic that happens at these events together!

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