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On the 24th of January the Ignition Centre ran a special course on personal financial literacy called “Banking on Our Future.” This course was brought to us by Operation HOPE, a non-profit organization dedicated to financial literacy and economic empowerment in the US, Haiti, and South Africa.

The course was attended by 15 local entrepreneurs, most of whom are TSiBA Supported Entrepreneurs, and two staff members.
The course facilitator, Elroy Fortune, set the tone for the workshop by saying, “I am not here to lecture you; you already have all of the answers. I am only here to guide you.” The atmosphere in the room from that point forward was very open and interactive which allowed our entrepreneurs to speak their minds freely.

Banking on Our Future is a six-part course offered for free designed to help youth and adults take control of their financial destinies. The course opens with a discussion of dignity and how it applies to banking and then delves into the specifics of banking, saving, credit, and investing.
The pilot run of Banking on Our Future at the Ignition Centre was so successful that it will now be offered as a standard training workshop for our entrepreneurs! More details on dates and times to come. For questions call Sonja Hagins at 021 532 2750 ext. 128 or email her at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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