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Lunga Schoeman

Many of you will remember Lunga’s story,
You all know Lunga as the witty, articulate, energized student who is always in an enthused mood. He got the amazing opportunity to fly overseas to London on two internships, one at Street Car and one at RPM ltd. So here’s a slice on all that he got up to in his time in London.
Flying for the first time ever can be really unnerving, especially when you’re on a 13 hour flight. Lunga’s mentor, Andrew Valentine who organized the internship for Lunga, and Loyiso, gave Lunga ‘step-by-step, what-to-do’ notes that made it “very easy” for him to find his way. Perhaps his favourite thing about the plane trip was that he got the famous line, “Chicken or Beef?” They served him an English breakfast, as well as dinner and he got wine too!The setting: Southfield, London. A quiet suburb lined with trees, schools and a library.

The place: A B ’n B that serves an English breakfast equipped with eggs, toast and sausages. Outside the window of a gorgeous room, a beautiful view of London encompassing the London Eye.

Are you jealous yet? There is so much more to come!

How about public transportation that is clean, air conditioned and reliable! The ‘Mind the Gap’ brand that resides from London, highlighting the gap between the platform and the train, Lunga assures us “really is huge!”

In Lunga’s two weeks at street car, he got to intern in every single department! He spent a day in each, and got to attend company functions and seminars. His supervisors at Street Car were Henry Imber (Head of Operations, as Lunga describes him “The number one employee, the Senior Man”) and Kelly Joseph (Office Manager).

Lunga appreciated the lessons he learnt at Street Car so much, “I learnt the value of employees in an organization, and how the culture of people defines the culture of a business. Street Car people are known for fun, vibrancy and simplicity.”

The second internship Lunga did was at RPM ltd, where he spent one week under the supervision of Jamie Green. Lunga got the chance to meet with the founder of RPM; Hugh Robertson! Can you believe that the company only started with £5000, and today brings in over a billion? Lunga took away that; “Great businesses don’t need to start huge in hotels. It’s about humble beginnings. How far you can go is amazing.”

RPM Ltd is an experiential marketing company that specializes in the brand experience. In his time at RPM Ltd, the thing that made the biggest impression on Lunga was getting to learn about branding with RPM’s Strategy Director Rob Wilson. “I learnt how to brand ‘Lunga’, with what I wear, how I act, what I say, how to look at everything I do as a brand. It was the best thing I ever could have experienced; the cherry on top!”

Lunga got to work on brand planning, and came up with ideas for campaigns! He spent some time on strategic development, got to design posters and learn how to Photoshop. In the account management department, Lunga got to help design a strategy for My Addidas!

In London there is no such thing as all work and no play! Hugh Robertson from RPM organized for Lunga to go see the stage performance of Lion King the Musical! “It was breath-taking” It was Lunga’s first ever stage production, and what a way to start! They organized transportation and dinner for him, and perhaps the most royal part of it was that he got to sit in a box for the performance! “I wish I could take it home and watch it all the time!”

All of this doesn’t come without responsibility, and Lunga took this seriously. There were three major things that Lunga kept in mind while he was in London, firstly that he was a South African student, second that he was a TSiBA student - and that he had to make good first impressions, because he was carrying the TSiBA brand. The third thing was that he is Andrew Valentine’s mentee, and that he represented him. Overall Lunga says it was “A life changing experience. I got the travel bug and I’m really keen to see more!”

Written by Rosalyne McFarlane for The Support Team

Imagine for a second that you’re Lunga:


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