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Vuyolwethu Mekana carried out her internship from the 27th June to the 11th July at Stodel Nurseries.

Stodel Nurseries is a company that sells plants and all of your outdoor garden necessities and is one of the largest Nurseries in the Western Cape and according to Vuyolwethu it is also one of the friendliest.

Vuyolwethu organised the internship herself with Nick Stodels, by setting up an interview with him. Hurray for her pro-activeness!
At Stodel Nurseries, Vuyolwethu worked with Lindy, the accountant and HR manager. She also observed how all of the different departments work, and gained experience as a PA, working with debt orders, auditors, invoices, negotiating and about mistakes that can be made with credit cards!
Vuyolwethu enjoyed her time at Stodel Nurseries, and appreciated what she learned about how important it is to have good relationships between co-workers,and found the real meaning behind the term ‘Administration’ in Bachelor of Business Administration which she is studying at TSiBA!

Written by Rosalyne McFarlane and Benu Mukhopadhyay part of the Support Team

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