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On the 3rd of September, TSiBA Graduates met at the TSiBA board room with the intention of discussing how the TSiBA Alumni can be active. Present was; Elroy Dicks, Tania Majavie, Mkhuseli Ngcube, Siya Gobingca, Sanele Khulaphi, Ncedisile Macwili, Pumla Sodela, Asanda Dodi, Cebisa Mahlukwana, Ntombiza Lingani and Benu Mukhopadyhay.

The breakfast meeting started with everyone catching up. Benu, on behalf of the Support Team, offered the graduates various means of support to help them as they launch their careers. She acknowledged that it might feel like a lonely road for the graduates and they might be dealing with different challenges ranging from settling inn at work (in terms of the culture, workload etc) to coping with the responsibility of managing finances. Benu wanted the graduates to know that if they need support the Support Team is willing to assist.

The meeting had to start without Asanda and Cebisa as they were running late. The purpose of the meeting was to decide on the vision, mission, purpose, structure and representatives of the alumni.  It was not long before the programme of events was pushed aside and the group decided on the free flow. From that exersize brilliant ideas came up and a few dramatic ones like a TSiBA billboard at the airport.
By the time the vibrant and fun meeting came to an end, the graduates had a chairperson - Elroy Dicks - and the communications person - Mkhuseli Ngcube. They were all happy with the outcome and the beggining of great things.

Written by: Ntombiza Lingani, Marketing Team

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