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Today we were notified that two of our students who went on to study the BBA at TSiBA Cape Town have been elected onto the SRC in Cape Town. Ekome Same is SRC president and Rodney Bouwer is treasurer. This is such a proud moment for us. These students are really living the TSiBA values in taking responsibility and initiative to become fully involved in the new path that they have forged for themselves. It has taken tenacity and resilience to see the first year of their studies through, since moving to a big city like Cape Town presents very different challenges to what TSiBA Eden offers. In their new roles they will need to use their communication skills and integrity to ensure that their leadership benefits the student community. To Ekome and Rodney, just know that we are fully behind all that you do and always here for you as support. You you seizing the moment by embracing the roles that many would turn and run from and building on strong foundations. The TSiBA Eden Family

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