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Thobela Mfeti who has just completed a postgraduate qualification in Tourism has been accepted as a Mandela Rhodes Scholar.
She is going to be studying Masters in Tourism in 2012. TSiBA has many many congratulations from various people. Here are some of them…
Some news just cannot wait for our quarterly newsletter….. Today we learnt that Thobela Mfeti has officially become TSiBA’ fourth Mandela Rhodes scholar in the four short years that we have been producing graduates.
This is an outstanding achievement for her and a glowing endorsement for us, as the MR scholarships are awarded to a handful of scholars throughout Africa who display excellence in terms of academic process and broader leadership potential. Indeed they are the next Mandelas.
Thobela will pursue a Masters in Tourism at UCT next year and her research will focus on township tourism. In her application letter to the Foundation she wrote, ” I am a township girl and I am proud of it, but I know that I know that there needs to be transformation and it starts with me. With my passion for township and its development, I have no doubt that I will bring about change.”

Please join me in celebrating Thobela and this very happy moment for TSiBA. Relative to the size of our graduate pool, we are proud that SA’s smallest and youngest university is continuing to produce a disproportionately high number of graduates of the very highest calibre.

Yours in Igniting Opportunity,

Leigh Meinert (Managing Director, TSiBA Education)

Yippee! Heartiest congratulations on a splendid achievement. Amazing indeed from yr small pool. U must b imbuing them with something. Proud of u all.


Arch (Archbishop Desmond Tutu)











Dear Thobela,

Congratulations on becoming the fourth TSiBA Mandela Rhodes scholar!
We wish you all the best, and we know that we will be hearing great things about you in the future.
With every best wish, and I know that you will continue to ‘ the change you want to

With the warmest of best wishes on your latest achievement.

The Shine Centre,

Cape Town



TSiBA in its infancy, relatively and literally speaking has produced yet another fine Mandela Rhodes Scholar in the person of Thobela Mfeti.

The Alumni would like to congratulate both TSiBA Education and Thobela on this profound achievement.
TSiBA is really punching above its weight and doing a remarkable job.
There are a lot bad things about this country and a lot of great stuff too; TSiBA is up there amongst the great stuff.

Kind Regards
Mkhuseli Ngcube on behalf of the Alumni.

The Support Team


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