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Out of the blue, I received this SMS over the weekend. It was from an entrepreneur who was in my office two weeks ago, a 50ish gentleman who had spent a considerable number of years trying to get his engineering company off the ground. He was very polite and controlled but agitated. During the course of our conversation it was clear that he was under enormous financial and emotional strain. Because of the tough situation, the conversation was tough and I despaired. Afterwards, I remember saying to my colleague Sonja something like “I think we’ve lost this one” and added “But I could be wrong”.

Well, I was wrong:

“Hi Peter. Thanks for the inspiration and your time spent listening to me. I now view life and business from a totally different perspective. I am soughting [sic] out issues with my landlord. C u @ breakfast 22 May. Have a splendid day. Regards. Errol Baynes.”
Unknown to me, Sonja was also getting an SMS at the same time:

“Hi Sonja. Thank you for being diligent and indirectly introducing me to Peter Kraan. I had a good 1 on 1 + fruitful meeting with him. It’s good to have a support structure and positive people like you around. See and meet you @  Q breakfast 22 May. Have a good + blessed evening. Regards. Errol Baynes.”

That very same day, completely unscripted, our MD, Leigh Meinert, received the following email (slightly edited for clarity):

“Hi Leigh ... Today I am a business person because of you and Peter. I trust myself. I do not fear anything in business. The confidence that I have and ability to do my work [came through] the courses I did. [They] opened my eyes. With TSiBA YOU WON’T GO WRONG. ... Evelyn Mbenyane”

What a privilege it is to do the work that we are doing at TSiBA!

Peter Kraan

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