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Ogilvy Advertising Agency took on nineteen year old Wi-Aam Isaacs for twelve days in July to intern with them! (Wi-Aam pictured)
Wi-Aam’s mentor, Kieran Peacock organized the internship for her, and Layla Liebetrau was kind enough to supervise Wi-Aam.
Audi, VW, SAB and Abudabi tourism are all major clients to Ogilvy Advertising Agency.
Wi-Aam spoke about how she got to help out with maintaining websites and quote analysis on client projects. Her favourite part of the internship was getting to be on set of a TV ad!
Wi-Aam made important contacts for her future, and in raving about her time with Ogilvy, she said that she could not wait to go back.
Wi-Aam“I learnt that I have a creative mind that I never knew I had.” Wi-Aam is now looking at other paths that her Business Degree from TSiBA can take her to. “Meeting all these incredible people was inspiring and it showed me what I can achieve in life if I put my mind to it.”
also produced a beautiful presentation as part of her internship and used various technical tools including a clip on youtube.

Ros McFarlane & Benu Mukhopadhyay as part of the Support Team

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