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Written by Marissa Kraan, TSiBA Argus ‘Cycle for Change’ Team Member

Dear TSiBA friends!
Thanks for your support and making us proud finishers of the ‘Cycle for Change’ initiative of TSiBA! We were 20 cyclists taking the challenge and raised a total of almost 5 scholarships for TSiBA! Herewith I would like to thank you for your magnificent contribution! Stefan and I were able to raise 2 scholarships (out of the total 5) and this thanks to you!
The three of us (Peter, Stefan and I) all finished with our best times ever! Fighting against some strong Capetonian southeasterly! I was ready to go back home just after the start, where a wind canal hit us and all cyclists actually had to push the bike for a few meters!
Only 15 minutes after the start, I felt that it was going to be a tough one! The first elevation was going, the wind was against us and the muscles were cold… So, I told Stefan to go ahead and race. Stefan needed to get a good time, as he was earning ca. 4 CHF per minute below a total of 7 hours – didn’t want to interfere with his fundraising target! So off I went all by myself!
After approx. 1h30 I arrived in Simonstown for a quick pitstop and thinking about doing a quick Physio for my cramping leg, but no, I got convinced and hopped back on the bike! I was actually racing to get to the finish line underneath 5 hours (two years ago I arrived after 6 hours).
The cramps let go and off I went to enjoy the race, improving my racing time steadily and enjoying the great scenario. If you have never done this race, it is difficult to imagine the amazingly stunning beauty you pedal through and the amazing atmosphere with all the fans!
One of my highlights was the ascent to Chapmans Peak (aka Chappies),  where we sang a song altogether (about 30-40 cyclists): “Hey, hey baby, I wanna know if you’ll be my Chappies” and the whole crowd went:    “Uh, Ah”… or one guy I passed literally only sad “Aaaaaaahhhhhh”… I guess you all know which song this is (just think about Dirty Dancing wink

The last hill – Suikerbossie – a large TSiBA crowd cheered for me and up I went without any major problematic to enjoy the last downhill and straight line to the finish! I was looking forward to catching up even more time here, but the wind was against me and I had to fight to the finish only 4h35 after the ‘Whoopa’  launch at 8:10.
Stefan arrived after 4:08, so we met up and quickly went for a beer before my father reached the finisher line after only 5:38!
Thanks again, and if you want to enjoy this experience again, TSiBA is racing next year’s Cape Argus on March 8th! Let me know if you want to get on board of next year’s cycle team!
Herewith I wish you a fantastic spring and start of summer!

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