BBA1’s Charlotte, Chanel and Charne’s experiences during their internships

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My name is Charlotte Dreyer and I am a BBA1 (Bachelor in Business Administration) student at TSiBA Cape Town. Doing an internship at any company is part of the curriculum at TSiBA which is why 9 other students and I responded to an email that was sent by Benu Mukhopadhyay (Careers Manager at TSiBA) with an opportunity to do this. Our internship took place at the Good Food and Wine Show. I completed my internship at the celebrity chef show. Our duties were making the VIP’S know where to be, packing and labelling books, preparing and cleaning the DSTV VIP lounge, making sure everyone has the correct seat and many other operating things.

I personally enjoyed it and I was looking forward to the internship from day 1. I told myself “you going to learn new things, be open and have fun”, and that’s what we did. The biggest lesson I learnt was that people have different personalities, some will be pretentious to you and others will be arrogant but by being yourself and standing firm, nothing bad that they say will hurt you emotionally.

My name is Chanel Abels and I am a BBA1 student at TSiBA Cape Town. As a BBA1 student it is compulsory to do an internship at a company of your choice.
I was lucky enough to do my internship at the Good food and Wine show at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC). I can most certainly say it was a memorable experience. I must say I was really looking forward to it, but at the end of my first day I was so exhausted but by the next day I knew what was expected of me. My job required me to work at the celebrity chef theatre, where I had to check tickets. When the shows were completed I had place the VIP cards on the seats and we also had to help out in the DSTV lounge.

I can honestly say that I had a fantastic time and would not have preferred to do it elsewhere. I enjoyed engaging with other people. I also learned to take responsibility for my actions as there was no one to check up on behaviour and being responsible was of the essence as it reflected on TSIBA.

My name is Chane’ Hendricks and I am a BBA1 student and as a student at TSiBA part of our curriculum is to do an internship at a company.When thinking of places to do my internship Benu came forward and told us that she would like a few of us to do our internship at the Good Food and Wine Show at the CTICC. I really don’t have words for the amazing time and experience that I had. So the first day came up and I was all excited and energetic to start at the Good Food and Wine Show, so my job at the show was at the celebrity chef theatre where I had to usher; give out information about what was happening there and checking tickets. Chanel, Charlotte and I worked together where before and after every show we had to prepare for the next event.  I helped in the VIP area we had to make sure all the VIP fans were happy with what benefits they got.

Meeting Celeb chefs was amazing, getting to meet people you only see on television like Gordon Ramsey, Eric Lanlard and Bill Ganger. I really enjoyed my time and really would like to attend something like this again. Personally I learned a lot during my time at the show.  I learned that people have different personalities and in order for you to keep the peace with the fans you have to have the right mind set and positive attitude.

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