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So often the Career Centre is a buzz with activity, amist organising internships, e-mails, monitoring and evaluation, clerical duties etc etc
No time to stop - no
A student knocks, walks in and asks to be seated. He then begins by praising me about how he is so grateful that now he has found a job ... “because of me”.
I feel so humbled everytime this type of affection and gratitude is placed upon me.
Often young people when they are placed in an internship or a job never have the time to say thanks. I really never can say that at TSiBA, students’ have never said a thank you and appreciated my time and efforts and sometimes the shouting that goes with this.
Over the years I have placed many young people in jobs and can say that our TSiBA students’ are special.

Written by: Benu Mukhopadhyay, Career Centre

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