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Busiswa Mvinjelwa; aBBA1 student at TSiBA, a mother, a wife and a businesswoman!

When financial hardships left the family at a cross-road; lose the house or find a way to pay the mortgage, Busiswa stepped up to the plate. Students and staff alike at TSiBA have always commented on Busiswa’s gorgeous jewellery, and it was here that she found her niche to start a business that could pay her bills.
Busiswa’s jewellery selling business has grown to include orders from TSiBA, as well as staff and students fromLEAP. Busiswa’s husband now spends his weekends setting up and manning a jewellery stall in Eerste River shopping centre. With very affordable prices, it’s a wonder her business hasn’t branched out further.
It was under the encouragement of Benu Mukhopadhyay and Busiswa’s mentor, Mr Le Roux, that Busiswa decided to stay at TSiBA and pursue her Business Administration degree along with everything else.

With four kids, ages ranging from 4 to 10 years old, maintaining her budding business and award-winning marks at TSiBA is a tough task. Busiswa’s husband has a part time job, and takes on most of the responsibility of looking after the children, leaving Busiswa feeling guilty for not being there for her children, “My biggest fear at the moment is time with my family [and not having enough of it]”

Busiswa’s academic life has been suffering since the last semester, first with all of her financial worries and now with the stress of running her own business. Her husband has stepped up to help her manage the business, and Busiswa looks at this with mixed feelings, “it’s my baby!”
The only thing that she clings to is that she is working so hard to provide for her kids. They are her inspiration. Busiswa is always looking to the future, making plans for a time when she can spend the holidays with her children. But for now, she is still trying to work out how everything is going to fit into her life. “I’m not sure how it’s going to work out.”
True strength is keeping it together when everyone expects you to fall apart. Busiswa didn’t just keep it together, she fought back to get on top of life. She’s doing it all, and paying her bills. There is no doubt in our minds that she is going to go far.

Written by Rosalyne McFarlane for Student Support

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