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Reekelitsoe A. Mohasi or Keke as she is better known went on her internship at Clicks 2 Customers, arranged and supervised by her mentor, Tom Van der Bercht.

Clicks 2 Customers is an online marketing company, and Tom Van der Bercht is Head of Paid Search. In this era of social media many students’ need to be aware of the power of marketing. The only way to stay ahead in the ever changing world of advertising is by using these tools. Reekelitsoe got to create her own web site and learned all about setting up URL’s and advertising online.
‘Keke’ got to use the website for her own business, a clothing business that she is keen to start. “It was just amazing [being treated like an employee] I thought that I was just the intern and it was going to end there. I learned so much!”

Written by Rosalyne McFarlane and Benu Mukhopadhyay for the Career Centre

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