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We welcome Deloitte to TSiBA as they are in the process of auditing TSiBA’s end of year financial year.
Basically what an auditor does is check the financial records for accuracy and that the correct funds are in the right places. They have been here since Tuesday, and compared to their other larger clients (whom they cannot mention), TSiBA is a ‘fairly easy’ job. Achmat who is the Finance Manager at TSiBA is helping them by provding all the documents they need.

The Auditors: Alicia-Ann Williams, Ryan Delport and Mubeen Mohamed studied at UCT and are now in the processing of completing their training programmes which can last upto another 2 to 3 years.
To be an auditor, they have studied a three year B-COM course, or four year business course, and then a year of specialised honours. Following this you must be accepted on an internship that lasts three years and the training then never stops
Brian’s advice to any students who may want to be an auditor is this, “If accounting is your thing, it’s a very nice qualification.” Alicia-Ann says, “It’s a very broad qualification, in your internship period, you specify your degree to auditing, but then once those three years are over, you are basically qualified to do anything within the financial accounting field.” Mubeen really is very happy at the company and there are many opportunities he says.

We welcome Deloitte to TSiBA.

Rosalyne McFarlane and Benu Mukhopadhyay part of The Support Team

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