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Today members of the Entrepreneurship centre drove down to Philippi with fellow entrepreneur, Bertina.
Bertina has been one of the success stories that have been involved with TSiBA and all of us here at the Entrepreneurship centre recognize what a passionate and determined person she is.
It all started about 2 years ago when Bertina came to TSiBA in search of support in the form of a loan to get her hair salon business up and running. TSiBA offered their full support and through our help and her willing determination and constant fighting spirit, she opened her doors for business.
No matter how rough and bumpy the road to success got, she never gave up, buckled down and really pushed through. And as we say, she really did reach the light at the end of the long tunnel. Also Bertina is the only entrepreneur that we have helped that has paid her full loan back to us within just 8 months which is a great achievement.
Keep up the good work Bertina and also thanks to all members of the Entrepreneurship centre who have lent their helping hands in order to make someone’s dream a reality!
Oh and one more thing before I forget…seeing as though my hair needed a cut and we were on our way to a hair salon, so I though why not get the job done… And got to say, Nice Job Bertina!

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