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Pictured: Siyabulela Mgayiya with Gugulethu kids

The TSiBA Enactus committee coordinated an Easter Soccer Tournament on behalf of Gugulethu & Nyanga community as part of TSiBA’s & Enactus’s mandate of helping those who are in need.

On the 29th of April 2013, I -Siyabulela Mgayiya- SRC for TSiBA sport and Enactus Sports Enterprise leader with the help of the Enactus sport team took the initiative of convening a soccer tournament for under privilege kids leaving in our townships. We worked with community leaders who played a role of parenting and coaching the kids involved in our Easter tournament. TSiBA student helped with administration and were officials (such as referee and lines man) in the games played on the day. With the help of the funds given by Enactus TSiBA, we were able to travel, eat and entertained ourselves and those present in this tournament.

The tournament was designed with a recreational goal of uniting, entertaining and educating township kids through sport, ensuring that these kids were kept busy during the past Easter holidays. This goal was achieved as we had more than 150 township kids attending the event and managed to create a networking platform for those who are interested in the sport. Challenges we experienced on the day where that of kids not having anything to eat on the day, we had to help print tournament rules & regulations, fixtures & score keeping documents as there was no finance to cover these administration documents.

We left the community of Gugulethu & Nyanga amazed with the work TSiBA & Enactus students prepared in making this event a success. This implementation has rubber stamped the “TSiBA’s pay it forward” culture in the eyes of the community members present on the day.

I’ve attached above pictures taken on the day and would like to invite you and anyone who can help for our future tournament which will take place on the 13th & 14th of April 2013. Donations and any financial support will be welcomed.

Written by: Siyabulela Mgayiya, TSiBA Cape Town SRC Sport Representative
“Igniting opportunity through sport”

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