Education Inequality - Open Letter To President Jacob Zuma

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We, TSiBA students, are writing this letter to inform you, as
President about our view of unequal education in South Africa. We feel that
government should be more involved.

Even after 18 years there is still inequality in terms of
education amongst South Africa. Some public schools are lacking resources while
private schools are receiving more improved resources. There are fewer
educators in public schools than in private schools. Thus schools are turning
to private companies to help and we do not agree with this.

Private companies are taking the initiative and
responsibility of the government to invest their time and money into these
schools which are lacking resources. We feel that government is not involved
with schools, especially in the Eastern Cape, where schools do not have
building infrastructure like libraries, toilets and computer labs. It is not
fit for them to have education under the tree. With your help we all can create
a better future.

In the future we would like to see equal education, better
resources, qualified educators and better infrastructure like toilets, labs but
most of all libraries as well as a safer environment for everyone to study.

Thank-you for taking time to read this letter, hope to hear
from you soon.

Written by: Charlotte Dreyer, Aletta Bekebeke and Masixole Fana - Higher Certificate in Business Administration (HCBA) Students at TSiBA Cape Town

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