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So this week past the first TSiBA Community workshops was held at the TSiBA Entrepreneurial Support Centre on the 19th and 20th September 2011. The workshops were planned to provide these previous students from the community training project a platform to discuss why they are still unemployed. And how, we as TSiBA can help and assist them whilst maintaining a relationship with each and every one of them.

The response to the workshop was very disappointing as only 5 people attended for the first day, but I remembered the wise words I received from a very wise woman, Adri. Adri said, “Even if 1 person attends still remember to give your utmost best that you can give” and that’s exactly what I did and gave it my best whilst still enjoying every minute of it. As it was a session where I was able to meet new people and was able to create a new professional relationship with Paul and Charl from Quest Recruitment Agency that made the workshop even more interesting.

So as the second workshop approaches I have learnt a lot from this entire process and just hope everything of the best, so until the next time…bye :D


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