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By Siyasamkela Kilani, TSiBA 2014 HCBA student, Langa, Cape Town

Our vision is to be part of a community that you feel safe and loved in. We want to walk around the streets of South Africa without shivering with fear of being brutally killed for our belongings; we want our Children to grow in an environment with no Gangsters but youngsters whom are educated and ambitious. 

Our Mission is to form collaborations with corporate institutions that are keen in developing Society for a better tomorrow.  So we could be able to teach Youth in the Township to be Self-Developed and goal orientated, teach and equip adults to gain Entrepreneurship skills.


My Love for Nature:
It all began when a young man (Tony Goy) of God from Pinelands introduced me to God and developed that Love and passion in me for the Mountain. We were a group of teenagers whom were troubled and did not see or expected much from our future since we were raised around a disadvantaged Shack place called Joes Slovo in Langa.
Tony Goy Introduced to us a world that was foreign and strange but I found peace and Joy in the Wild. This caused me to forget for a moment about the poverty and struggles that my Mom and I faced back at Home. I had a better view of things rather than being stuck in a shack and stressing. I had a reason to smile without the use of substance.

My eagerness to develop and groom the Youth:
It all Began in January 2014 when I became a Man and realised that Life was too short to waste and very valuable than pure Gold or Diamond that every person in the world is chasing. Money ,fortune and fame. Later this Year a long-time Friend of mine: Vuyani Past away. He was shot dead on the Face by a group of 19 and 20 year Olds because they saw him as an Enemy.

This Incident caused many whom knew him to be furious, bitter and mad. Revenge was the solution to many but to me It was a turning point. I had a dream of becoming a platform to change and better lives. I started a group of Young boys whom I took for outings on weekends were I would mentor them and teach them not only how to behave as an African traditional man that I am but to allow them to dream big. This was a plan to reduce the number of Boys whom are being brutally killed or Jailed due to gangsterism. I wanted to change their perception and intellectual to be comprehensive.

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