Iftaar - breaking of the Fast.

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Our very own HCBA student, Saaliegh Abbas, together with his community-leader Mum, his father and several of her friends, fed about 1000 people in Hanover Park for the Iftaar - breaking of the Fast.  Besides the joy in which both Saaliegh and every person involved served, I was very moved at many little details, such as Saaliegh bringing the TSiBA banner, application forms, reading material for prospective students, also the way they engaged with people without a sense of being hurried. 

Prayer mats were put out amidst the tables of very delicious foods, so that the fast could be broken with prayers of praise and Thanksgiving to God.  Muslim and Christian, young and old, boy and girl, those with nothing to share with those who shared everything - all these people were drawn together in one highly organised, scrumptiously delicious beautiful event.  Thank you Saaliegh and everybody involved for a very sacred experience and meal. 

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