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The Fellowship experience has changed my life and the way I view my future. I need to start off by saying that the selection process was the most intense experience that I have ever undergone. It was close to six months in which I completed an application form, attended an interview and particiapted in a selection camp assessment centre. Even the final acceptance telephone call was intense - I was really excited when I received news that I was accepted to the Fellowship.

Being part of the Fellowship has transformed my views regarding the change I am able make in the world around me. It has exposed me to young individuals like myself who have a similar passion to make a difference. The Fellowship is designed to improve my competencies and behaviour through its holistic approach. I am able to grow as an individual in my leadership and entrepreneurial capacity; however it also gives me the opportunity to grow in socially and emotionally.  If I perform well in my degree I will also have the opportunity to apply for post-graduate which I am really excited about, since I wish to further my studies once I have graduated.

The Candidate-Fellows community consist of great individuals and I have been able to create a number of meaningful friendships and even one mentorship relationship. Having a fellow TSiBA student in the Fellowship is great as she provides me with a great deal of support – It’s been great to be able to work closer with her.

The support that the Foundation provides is amazing. One of the support mechanisms I have access to be a Leadership and Entrepreneurship Officer to whom I submit assignments and with whom I can meet in order to gain insights as to how I can grow in those areas of my life.

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Written by: Joseph Maisels, TSiBA BBA2 student

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