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Article by: Brian Williams

Its Friday noon and the day is blossoming with the Autumn season sun. Students from the Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA) are running up and down the TSiBA Cape Town campus Mupine Building preparing the final classroom setting, refreshments and making final confirmation calls to their guests attending the TSiBA book donation event. Some of their guests are arriving one after the other some with shy, yet excited smiles on their faces.

Located at the Mupine Building, Pinelands Cape Town is the reputable Tertiary School in Business Administration which is well known as TSiBA Education. TSiBA is an innovative tertiary business school with a campus in Cape Town as well as near Knysna, Western Cape. TSiBA has graduated five Mandela Rhodes scholars in five years which positions TSiBA as the institution with the highest percentage of Mandela Rhodes Scholars in the country – an unequalled achievement! For more info go to:

The final year students of TSiBA are also working hard so that they can also be counted as one of the Alumni’s of this institution and to play part in the economy of our country after they graduate and enter the working world. But all will come when the finish their studies. They reason for the buzz on the TSiBA campus is because of one of their final year courses, Innovation (INN3). These final year students have a project called the Right of Passage Project (ROP). This is where they need to raise R20 000 towards their ROP camp fees where they learn to manage challenges in order to survive the harsh Corporate world. This is the last step of four years of study before the big event, their Graduation. .

INN 3 has three equally divided groups selling different things and one of them is the Nerd Corporation. The Nerd Corporation’s duty was to sell fiction and non-fiction books as part of their contribution to the R20 000 target. The group was made up of ten young, vibrant and warm-hearted students. Even though they got these books donated to sell, they took a portion of them and donated them to local public libraries. ”Paying it forward” is what TSiBA is all about instead of students having to pay back their tuition scholarships. It was quite evident that the thought behind the students was the results of the TSiBA culture of making a difference and ‘igniting opportunity’. The libraries had to complete a motivational letter and the top three motivational letters earned themselves a collection of the “brain feeders” (books ).

The Nerd Corporation also received a motivational letter from Anele Mqamelo, a Postgraduate student at the University of the Western Cape, currently completing his Postgraduate Certificate in Education. This young man’s vision is to bring about change in the education system. “I don’t what to say about this because it’s like a dream come true”, said Anele in his words of appreciation to the TSiBA students. Anele’s goal is start-up a reading club Ekasi to encourage reading to high school students as he believes that the culture of reading is lost in the township.

The other beneficiaries of these books were the libraries from Grassy Park, Brown Farm as well as Moses Mabhida in Site C, Khayelitsha.  The representatives of these libraries were so happy and they just didn’t have enough words to thank TSiBA. The book donations give-away took part after the TSiBA CEO, Adri Marais, gave a wonderful opening speech to tell the guests all about TSiBA. Amongst the guests was the Library Marketing & Research Officer at the City of Cape Town, Nazeem Hardy. Nazeem also blessed the other guests with a few words of inspiration, telling them about the City of Cape Town’s future goals of opening a book club/coffee shop at one of the libraries in Khayelitsha.

The event was closed off by some refreshments and the students took the guests on a tour of the TSiBA Cape Town campus. There is no doubt that everyone left the event with either a sense of accomplishment and feeling like a winner.

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