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written by Sbahle Lujiva:TSiBA Marketing Coordinator

My name is Sbahle Lujiva, I’m from a small town on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal called Harding. I am the new Marketing Coordinator for TSiBA. They say you have not lived until you learn to follow your heart. It has always been my dream to work in Marketing, so when I got the opportunity I did not think twice. My biggest fear was how am I going to adjust? Would my colleagues be welcoming? Would I enjoy my Job?

Today marks the end of my first week at TSiBA, what I’m truly grateful for is the warm welcome I have received. The passion each and every one has displayed is a continuous motivating factor for me.  This experience has thought me how to appreciate each role people play in an organization. I might be just a Marketing Coordinator but the role I play contributes to a bigger picture. The induction process gave me full understanding of the organization as a whole, what we all aim to achieve and how working together will help us reach our goals.  I look forward to the campus buzz, seeing the students and interacting with them. Thanks to TSiBA for giving me this opportunity, I look forward to igniting opportunity.

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