My Surprise Holiday Work Experience at TSiBA

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Written by Romzi Basardien, 2013 BBA2 student & SRC Academic Representative TSiBA Cape Town

When I saw the email that TSiBA were looking for people to work in the holiday call centre, I wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted to get involved in. Initially, I wanted to do an internship or get a job in the corporate world, regardless of what the position was.

The aim was to get experience as well as a taste as to what the future potentially had in store for me. After numerous applications, I realized that I had acted too late as most companies informed me that it was either short notice or that they did not take on interns who had not graduated yet. I had no backup plan. What was meant to have been a vacation of personal development seemed like it would be fruitless instead. As the despondency settled in, I realized that the call centre job was an option too. It may have been too late, but never the less, I updated my CV, forwarded it to Sharifa Fredericks at TSiBA and hoped for the best. The best is certainly what I received. I was asked to attend training which basically resembled a selection process. Well, at least it was meant to. Everyone who attended the training was selected to work because the entire group proved to exceed all expectations.

Since then, the job has been really rewarding. There has been many a phone call and I personally have learnt so much from our extended community. A job that I thought wouldn’t have been suited to me proved to have been the best choice. I looked forward to coming to work in the morning, knowing the great possibilities that lie ahead. I am able to assist the team as well as TSiBA on a daily basis, which is truly fulfilling… and having some pocket money isn’t too bad either!

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