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Written by Lerato Bontsi, 2015 BBA1 TSiBA Cape Town student, previously at TSiBA Eden.

I am writing to show you appreciation for the funding that you have offered me throughout this first semester. I would not be able to continue with my degree if it was not for the fund, every time I encounter challenges during my stay here in Cape Town I remember how lucky I am to have been given the opportunity of this scholarship. The opportunity to be the first woman to be educated in my family.

Besides all the challenges I have gone through while here in Cape Town, I have managed to pass all my modules prior my mid-exam and I have participated in events at school in singing. I have developed an understanding during my integration from HCBA to BBA 1 that the HCBA serves as a preparation for the BBA 1 which tests you more on your intellectual ability and critical thinking. The only challenge I have been facing is NUM 101, I have managed to get a 61% before the exam but I am working very hard to obtain a 70% and above on my exam.

I have been having challenges with adjusting in terms of accommodation, I would not like to put that as an excuse for the decrease in the level of my performance but it had an impact. I am still working on finding the best suitable accommodation for me that will last me till the end of my degree. I have been applying for other financial scholarships with the hope of them covering my accommodation and my personal expenses as the whole fund I have been presented by TSiBA goes straight to accommodation.
I want to urge you to continue presenting these opportunities to other students too like you have done for me, and I promise that my work will speak for itself how appreciative I am.

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