Recruting & Application Season Is Upon Us At TSiBA

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Written by Thobekani Menyelwa, TSiBA Eden HCBA Student

Last week kicked off with what I think has been a fun part of my year as an HCBA student – the recruiting season!

As proudly TSiBA Eden HCBA students we headed into Knysna and George High schools to recruit students for 2015.

We were able to speak to over 250 students in different schools, visit local libraries and approach people in the streets; in these 2 days we were busy! It was so stimulating to speak with potential students who are about to leap into an amazing new journey to tertiary school. “We handed over 150 application forms!”, said Khayalethu Nongena excitedly (one of the HCBA students). He also stated that 60 application forms were given to parents who have matrics in their homes.

One of the six TSiBA Education values which is ‘Communication’ was successfully exercised during these recruiting days. I feel that getting the message out there -that TSiBA Education is tops and a special business school that shows how this value was successfully applied on these busy recruiting days. 

We are expecting about 100 application forms returned at the end of September.

We are looking forward to recruiting more students for the coming years!

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