Sesethu Konjwayo,TSiBA Eden SRC Spokesperson, Freedom Day Speech

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Date: 27 APRIL 2013 - Freedome Day
Place:  George Saasveld Campus
Speaker:Sesethu Konjwayo, TSiBA Eden S.R.C Spokesperson 2013

Greetings to:

Our hosts NMMU SAASVELD CAMPUS, Executives, Staff, S.R.C and other dignitaries that may be present with us here today, sponsors of the event, participants, spectators and the entire house at large.

My name is Sesethu Konjwayo (TSiBA Eden campus S.R.C spokesperson for 2013). It gives me great pleasure to stand here and address everyone on behalf of my school. We at TSiBA believes that sports in general is a great tool for building relations and social cohesiveness. And when such an opportunity came knocking, we gladly without hesitation accepted the invitation.

Communication and integrity are two of our key values, and this event not only represents that, it provides a platform for building of life long relationships. And what better way to achieve that other than on a sports field .On days like these there are no losers, everyone walks away victorious.

On such a historic day, a legacy was left behind in order for us to be gathered as we are today. As we celebrate ‘‘unity in diversity’ ‘let today’s event be associated with the following words ‘‘fair-play, respect and honour.

Thank you once again NMMU SAASVELD CAMPUS for inviting us to take part in your open day, hopefully this is a start for bigger and better
things to come.

Sesethu Konjwayo
S.R.C Spokesperson 2013

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