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The Second Hand Clothing Shop has been around before, but due to a lack of time to manage the store, the shop was forced to close. Currently, Tarryn Africa, Emile Saaiman, Melissa Adams and Basil Collins (BBA 3 Students at TSiBA) have revived the store and are trying to rebuild relationships with past suppliers and with a clothing bank.
Pictured: Emile and Tarryn

The second hand shop started off as a project for their Innovation class headed by Abraham Oliver, where they had to create a sustainable business that generated R20 000. The venture had to be up in running in six months, and with the hectic schedule that BBA 3 students have, it was a bit of a challenge. The money goes back to TSIBA to fund the leadership camps. When these students leave, they will hand over the second hand shop to the next group of innovation students.

The shop is also giving other students an opportunity to sell their products in the store, and they are selling well. The team is thinking of adding a new line from Rags to Riches, which is a second hand clothing shop at UCT campus. They are hoping to create an alliance with them.

The shop opened on Friday 3rd June with an extremely busy hour and a half. “Students were excited, they rushed in here. Good first opening day!”- Emile Saaiman was thrilled with the outcome. “The prices are reasonable – it is a student university!”
The shop is open on Wednesdays and Fridays from 12pm/1pm for two hours; with more operating hours to come.
In Tarryn Africa’s words, “Come and shop till you drop! Expect new things soon! Thank you for the support!”

Written By: Rosalyne McFarlane for the Career Centre

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