The Individual’s Decision

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The individual’s decision

Written by Tinashe Munyuk, HCBA Student at TSiBA Cape Town (originally from Zimbabwe)

In many people’s lives, a lot happened resulting in the way one’s life became. Some encounter challenging moments which result in dire consequences in their lives. Financial hurdles, poor backgrounds, only to mention but a few, are the major factors that affect many people’s lives.

Almost everyone in this world has his/her difficulties, but, it should also be noted that people do not only encounter problems. There are many amazing opportunities people encounter in their lives. Such opportunities include scholarships to help one improve investment in human capital.

Let’s talk about TSiBA Education.

Many students got scholarships to study at this institution as it was established to ignite opportunity to the less privileged. One is only required to pay with his time to attend lectures, gain the much needed business skills and obtain a first class Bachelor of Business Administration degree. It’s simple, right?  Paying in personal effort for your own merit? Can one believe that? Of course, YES. So, let me say that it’s a blessing to be a TSiBA student.

However, there is one question to be asked. Does everyone take such opportunities seriously? The answer relies on you, the reader. That’s the individual decision, to make choices which determine the outcomes of one’s life, either good or bad. Putting extra effort in one’s studies to come out with flying colors is not something difficult as far as a better future is concerned. There are always people willing to help others so taking such opportunities will be a brilliant idea.

Doesn’t it feel good to move forward on this road to success? Let’s all know that we are responsible for most things that happen in our lives. Best choices lead to best outcomes and vice versa.

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