The Power of a Vibrant Volunteer Community

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Volunteers are an essential part of the Tertiary School in Business Administration’s (TSiBA) vision to Ignite Opportunity.  Volunteers contribute a wealth of professional industry experience, as well as their personal journeys and knowledge, and are a unique support and developmental element of TSiBA’s educational model, the Profile of Graduateness. TSiBA’s model is unique in placing attitude at the heart of a student’s development and surrounding this with layers of knowledge and skills.

At TSiBA, a volunteer is defined as “a person who offers a specified number of hours to TSiBA without expecting remuneration”. TSiBA’s generous volunteer community contribute more than just helping the organisation offer youth access to high quality learning opportunities – they enter into transformative relationships with the next generation of South Africa leaders and thus strengthen the very fibre of society: This is social change in action.

As a non-profit tertiary business school, a great deal of their success rests on the ability to utilise the expertise and experience of volunteers from business and civil society. This has led to the emergence of a vibrant community of volunteers, including lecturers, tutors and mentors.

TSiBA provides orientation, training and on-going support for volunteers who also gain an opportunity for self-development. These role-models are enriched to become exemplars of the values and behaviour that inspire others in the community. It is also a component of TSiBA’s delivery of high quality academic education and part of an organisation that is making a measurable impact on nation building and social change. This also echoes the TSiBA philosophy of Paying it Forward.

In 2014 more than 200 individuals from many diverse fields contributed as volunteers – this can be translated into monetary value of more than a R1.2 million in expertise that would otherwise have to be paid for – which is a challenge for a non-profit organisation.

TSiBA is an accredited, not-for-profit business school founded in 2004 focusing on leadership and entrepreneurship. Emerging leaders can apply for a sliding scale tuition scholarship and are not required to pay back their education monetarily, but rather to Pay it Forward by transferring the knowledge, skills and resources they gain at TSiBA back into their communities.

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