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Written by: Monwabisi Mtshamba, 2015 BBA1 student TSiBA CT
Venue: Yabonga Community Centre Makaza, Khayelitsha
Event: Career Exhibition
Date: 03/07/2015

Purpose of event:
To inform students about the possibilities of studying further after matric and present possible tertiary institution options as per their career preferences.
On the day three institutions were invited but unfortunately only we (TSiBA) and False Bay College were present. We gave the students the basic required information about the institution and as part of our exhibition we took them outside to do a few exercises. The exercises we did changed their perspective about the institution as initially they some level of insecurity about our degree and its curriculum. They started to believe in the content of our degree, as the exercises required them to show a lot of leadership and proactivity. Overall we left a good impression; some of the students asked to take photos with us and requested that we visit the centre and their schools regularly.

Personal feedback note:
I feel that TSiBA students are very unique to other university students and thus I feel that on exhibitions like such; the opportunity to parade and show off “the TSiBA difference” must be exploited. Us being there, sharing our TSiBA experience and just showing people some of the things we do on campus makes a huge difference because we are a relatively small and institution compared to other universities.

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