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Written by Nicole Kada, TSiBA BBA3 Student & FNB Fund Scholar currently doing her IPJ at Futuregrowth Asset Management within the Client Management Department.

Hi All

As I am sitting at my desk, all of a sudden my mind starts wondering off to TSiBA- this confirms two things: 1) I miss TSiBA, IPJ is fun, but it’s much more fun driving your lecturers insane and 2) TSiBA certainly made an impact on me individually!
In two days’ time we’ll be celebrating Women’s Day and Gia Whitehead do you remember last year this time we were all cheering for you to win the award as our very own Top Woman and YOU DID!
In closing I guess, what I’m trying to say is that not only does TSiBA have a reputation for producing Top Graduates, but it has an eye for only having Top Women on-board! May the men not feel left out, because without you our home (TSiBA) would not be the same.

So Happy Womens Day TSiBA and Keep doing your best.

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