TSiBA Alumni Easter Event at Zanokhanyo Children’s Safety Home

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On Saturday, 30th March 2013, TSiBA Cape Town Alumni spent their Easter with the children of Zanokhanyo Children’s Safety Home in Khayelitsha. We arrived just after 10am and was greeted with pure joy and excitement by the kids. As we began unloading the trunks with goods, all the children’s faces lit up as they saw what the TSiBA Cape Town Alumni brought them for Easter.

We had the pleasure to be exposed to a few hours in their daily life and we’re introduced to everyone’s daily responsibilities, from cleaning, making food, to collecting chicken eggs from their chicken shelter. Due to generous donations, we were also able to let the kids and their “mom”, the owner of Zanokhanyo Children’s Safety Home, Nolubabalo Nditha, relax and enjoy while we as the TSiBA Cape Town Alumni, served a tasty plate of Curry and rice and handed out Easter hampers to everyone.

Donations included: 2 x 10kg Sugar, 2 x 10kg Flower, 1 x 10kg Rice, 1 x Cooking Oil, 10 x 1kg Instant Porridge, 1 x 10kg Maize Meal, 12 x 50ml Toothpaste, 10 x Bath Soap, 34 x Toilet Rolls, Potatoes, Onions, Squash, Butternut, Warm Curry and Rice & Easter Hampers.

The day has in all been a blessing and I thank each and every one of the TSiBA Cape Town Alumni for their generous contribution in creating a difference in the lives of these children. The contributions from TSiBA Cape Town Alumni, have not only made an impact in their lives for that one day, but also provided Zanokhanyo Children’s Safety Home, with various products to sustain themselves for the next month or two. Please read the Thank You Letter  to Elroy and TSiBA Cape Town Alumni Society from Zanokhanyo.

Thank you ALL for Paying-it-Forward

Written by: Elroy Dicks, TSiBA Alumni Chairperson

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