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This happened in a place called Hoekwil there were 8 teams who were in the tournament and we played group stages for the first day. The games ended at ten at night and we came back tired, had to travel after the games and others had injuries and we got to the campus at about 23:50 and the following day we had to go back and play our next match. What I loved about our team is that we worked very hard and we had one objectives that’s why we managed to make it and win the tournament. The other thing that was unique about us was the style of play, it was different to the way that is being played here that’s why we managed to beat those teams. There are still more to expect from our team and everyone is committed and we are going all-out with one objective saying that we want to make TSiBA known with sporting activities also. There is lots of talent here and everyone is showcasing it to his very best, even though we are from different footballing backgrounds or come from different places we adopted to each other very quickly and now we play one style of football. So we won the first price in Hoekwil and know we are known in other places like George and Knysna and the communities around the campus support us and are the best team currently in the community. We thank our management and co-ordinator for the support.

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