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Sustainable energy is top-of-mind for all South Africans - with high electricity costs, insufficient power capacity and leveraging our abundant sunshine. For TSiBA Eden, not only do their environmental savvy campus operations save the environment and relieve pressure on the power grid, but they help save electricity costs for this unique not-for-profit tertiary education institution.

“TSiBA Eden, who has a WESSA Green Flag status, practices a variety of energy saving initiatives in their Laundry and Kitchen Departments, as well as income-generating Vegetable Garden. Almost all of their techniques are low-tech and easily replicable in urban or rural homes. Their systems include solar geysers and a solar oven used for the showers and kitchens, simple black pipes installed on the roof to heat water, insulation cooking bags and clay ovens which make use of compressed recycled paper ball coals - both produced by the students on campus” says Susan Donald from WESSA. Also, the campus receives committed support by the Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa (WESSA) who is involved in training and execution of various similar sustainable projects.

Eden’s energy saving initiatives were recognised in this article about cutting electricity costs – you can read it here

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