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Luyanda Gysman, who calls himself a new Tycoon, started this business alone without any Capital, no soap, and no customers. This amazing young self-employed student started this Car Wash business as means to cover his transport traveling expenses and food. He sooner realized this business as more than just what it can do for him, but what it can do for others, by it creating employment opportunities for others.

Next to the TSiBA Cape Town Ignition Centre in Pinelands there is a Car wash happening on Thursdays and Fridays. There you will find Thembile and his assistant, Ayanda who is also experienced in washing cars in Phillipi. I am not talking about the fly by night Car washers, nor strangers, these are committed and dedicated individuals who fend for themselves to make ends meet, by means of washing cars, while you still busy in your office.

Luyanda Recalls; “This is no longer an unsustainable school project that will end any time, rather this is serious business that cleans and purifies all the cars around the parking vicinity in the campus. We use the best products to wash the body, the tires not to forget leaving a nice fragrance smell on the dash board”.

Thembile himself is an entrepreneur he decided to work for Luyanda at TSiBA. He owns a car wash too, at Phillipi, a local township next to Hazeldean in Cape Town; He employs youngsters like Ayanda in his Car wash to keep them away from drugs and crime. Luyanda recalls “I chose people I trust, people who will do the good job, I too have seen them in Phillipi, and they are ‘wow good’”.

This is what Luyanda would like to say to his friends (Youth); “When in tough times always ask yourself why are you here and where are you going in the near future. Do what you love, if you don’t love it, create that love and don’t forget to love yourself. That is what keeps me going” by Luyanda Gysman.

None of this would have happened without the Ignition Centre team, Abe, Sonja and Cindy, not to forget my birth place where I was thought about “pay it forward”. Perhaps I have realized that, getting people off the street and employing them to wash cars is a “paying it forward” philosophy happening for real.


Operating hours: Thursdays and Fridays happening forever!

Price: R50:00 NB! This is all for inside and outside + vacuum cleaning and many more FREE!!
Place: Next to TSiBA Ignition Centre.
Luyanda: (073) 487 1491
Thembile: (084) 220 7303
Em@il: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Perhaps if you entered our numbers into your cell phone under L for Luyanda and T for Thembile, it would speed things up when you need your car washed and waxed.

Please click the link below, this will lead you to a picture of people washing cars. Here are the pictures from Thursday’s car wash.








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