TSiBA HCBA “Zim Boys’’ experiences at the EDUCO Wilderness Camp

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Written by: TINASHE MUNYUKI (white shirt) & TONDERAI E. PUDEGE (black t-shirt)

What an amazing experience!!! It was the most wonderful time of our lives-The Wilderness Course, having exciting moments like never before.

As we departed from TSiBA campus heading towards the Groot Winterhoek Mountains, near a small town of Porterville, about 170km from the City of Cape Town, we were not even expecting such a surprise. In our minds, it was just a waste of time going to stay in the mountains for a couple of days, sleeping outdoors, hiking all day and so on.

In just a few hours, we were on top of the mountain as high as Table Mountain. The environment totally changed clearly showing that we were now at a different place. One way or the other, we were now looking forward to see what the wilderness has prepared for us.

Even though what happens in the mountains stays in the mountains, lessons and skills acquired cannot remain the property of the mountains by any means whatsoever. Since the main objective was to know “Who Am I?” we began to know ourselves much better.

Being given the opportunity to lead a group of people from one point to the other, it was quite a big challenge since you have to motivate all the group members with different interests as well as emotions to do what you want.  However, despite all the challenges that we might say we have faced, the overall outcome was awesome. We have learned to work as a group, helping each other, believe in ourselves as we are the leaders, have self confidence in everything that we do and be able to grow professionally each and every day in our lives.

We have then realised that ‘Courage is not the absence of fear but the will to do’. Believe in yourself, don’t let anything stand on your way. We are the Leaders, we will remain Leaders forever and we can stand on top of the world.

Thank you TSiBA for such an opportunity to explore. We appreciate it.


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