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Written by Graham McCulloch, TSiBA Volunteer, 27 September 2011

In the shadow of the great massif that sits atop its proud red badge
Stands a place of exciting, transforming opportunity
For those who come to it with very little in material terms
Determined to quench their inborn thirst for learning

A plucky little tertiary school amongst significant others
Its name established far and wide by past alumni proud
Igniting keen young minds with knowledge to break the paradigm
That else would limit their life’s path to fulfillment

You who’re blessed to play a part in making dreams come true
Must do so kindly and with special care, knowing that your very touch
Might be just the one that sparks the waiting kindling
Into warmth and light along the way to dignity and attainment

Make this house a place of hope, make it, too, a place of possibility,
Inspire each other, support, embrace and encourage one another;
Come together, talk together, find and heal its hurts together
You alone will set the stage for that which you are here to do:

Touch them softly, oh, touch them with compassion
Gently drop your pebbles in their deep clear ponds of promise
Take great care of them, while together, you watch the widening ripples
Expanding to the far horizon; then let them go, your job is done.

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