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The facilities that we offer add to the experience of campus life at TSiBA Cape Town. These include:

• 6 large lecture rooms which can accommodate between 60 - 100 students
• 10 tutorial rooms for smaller groups
• 2 IT labs comprising 40 computers each and a third research IT lab adjoining the Library
• Wireless facilities for laptops
• An excellent Library
• A vibrant Careers Centre
• An Ignition Centre that can support students who are running businesses while they study
• A Student Support Office that offers a range of developmental services to students
• A canteen and tuck shop
• Ample parking for staff, students and volunteers
• 24-hour Security

In addition, we offer a wide variety of services to students at TSiBA Cape Town that enrich and support their educational experience.
Additional Tutoring
Additional tutoring is available by arrangement and at the tutor’s discretion. Students may make appointments with lecturers for one-to-one sessions. Syndicate and study groups may invite a lecturer or tutor to join them for a session to solve specific subject-related sessions.

Graduates are encouraged to join the TSiBA Alumni Society which, amongst other things, promotes Pay it Forward initiatives.

Careers Centre
Career Management is offered as a subject to students in the Higher Certificate (HCBA) and in the first year of the BBA degree. In addition to this, the Careers Centre offers group and individual counseling, seminars and training sessions. These are focused on honing career management tools such as interviewing skills, C.V. writing and other skills that improve employability. The Careers Centre also facilitates the internship and placement programmes.
The internship experience is an opportunity to be exposed to the real world of work and build skills for employability. As such, all students are required to complete an internship during each year of study.

Clubs and Societies
TSiBA’s culture of leadership and Pay it Forward includes students taking ownership of their campus, their careers and their personal development. TSiBA staff do their best to support initiatives of the clubs and societies on campus and, where possible, source volunteers to help. Currently the following clubs and societies are active on campus: Black Management Forum, Netball, Peer Education, Soccer, Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), Public Speaking and Touch Rugby.

Computer Laboratories
Students have access to three fully equipped computer laboratories with internet access during normal office hours. Students are provided with their own email addresses and printing credits.

Financial Aid
Every student accepted at TSiBA is awarded a full tuition scholarship for the HCBA. A further scholarship to study TSiBA’s BBA degree may be awarded on 1) successful completion of the HCBA or 2) successful completion of the application process. From 2013, tuition scholarships for the degree programme will be awarded on a sliding scale basis. For more about what the tuition scholarship does and does and not cover, see Fees and Financial Aid.

Hero Speaker Programme
Students have the privilege of listening to stories of visiting Hero Speakers every month. These are guests from all walks of life who come and share their successes, failures and learnings.

Ignition Centre
For more information about the services that we offer to the community of Cape Town, please visit the Ignition Centre. These services include Enterprise Development, Community Training and Leadership Development.

TSiBA’s Careers Centre coordinates internships for students in every year of their studies. This culminates in a final capstone programme (the Industry Practical Project) where students are placed on a three month long internship in the last year of the degree. Internships are an excellent opportunity to be exposed to the real world of work and to build skills for employability.

TSiBA Library
The primary focus of the library collection is on business related topics including Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Management, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Commercial Law, Operations and Project Management., Information Technology, Business Communication and Career Management. There is a fiction section, to encourage our students who have English as a second or third language to read. Also some material on topics of general interest is kept.

The library has more than 6,500 catalogues items and over 25 journal titles. Access to EBSCOHost, an electronic database of current journals, is readily available. The library subscribes to two major newspapers and to GetAbstarct, an electronic database summarizing business books.
Adjoining the library is an additional computer laboratory dedicated to research. Seating is available in the library for study purposes.

TSiBA students, staff, interns, lecturers and mentors may use the facilities of the library and books are for loan. They have access to library information and e-books through Fedena, A full-time librarian is available should users need any help.

To see a list of the resources in the library, please click here.

During the Higher Certificate (HCBA) year, students support each other in their learning and growth with syndicate and study groups which, in turn, are supported by a mentor. Mentors are carefully selected from all walks of life and trained before being introduced to the students.

Once students begin their BBA degree, they are assigned individual mentors. These mentors have regular contact with students and provide them with a wide range of experiences and opportunities.
After the BBA1 year, students are responsible for identifying and approaching their own mentors and Paying it Forward by mentoring others.

The final stage of the selection process into the Higher Certificate (HCBA) year programme is attendance at a compulsory camp that is held before lectures commence. Here new students begin to form relationships and a community and learn about TSiBA’s unique practices and culture. TSiBA staff facilitate the week with support from student leaders and guests.

Likewise, students entering into the BBA programme are required to attend a compulsory Orientation Day that is held before classes commence.

Student Forum
A Student Forum meeting is a SRC-coordinated forum where students can dialogue and debate issues on campus. The SRC facilitates the transfer of relevant issues to TSiBA management.

Student Representative Council (SRC)
The vision of the SRC is “to create a vibrant student life, cultivate a sense of community where students with their different voices are respected at all levels and honour the TSiBA values.” This is realized by means of their mission to:
• Promote, protect and advance the interests of all students regardless of race,  class, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, age, political affiliation or ideology and disability
• Create, along with other TSiBA stakeholders, an environment that is conducive to learning for every TSiBA student
• Facilitate communication between students and other stakeholders within the TSiBA and education sector
• Promote academic excellence, community service and cultural, economic, social and political imperatives.

Student Support Office
A full-time counselor is available to listen to and provide support to students who face emotional, learning, relational or contextual challenges. Individual and group sessions are scheduled. Other support systems provided to students include:
*A one-to-one interview with a member of staff regarding each term or semester’s report
*Trained peer counselors and educators

Tuck Shop
The tuck shop is situated in the canteen. Students can buy from the tuck shop at their discretion. In addition, a modest breakfast is available free of charge to all registered students from Monday to Friday during term time, provided sponsorship continues.


The Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA) was founded in 2004 with a vision to “Ignite Opportunity”.  Our mission is to be an innovative learning community that graduates entrepreneurial leaders who ignite opportunity and social change.

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