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TSiBA Graduates More Future SA Leaders and Entrepreneurs

25 Jul 2015

“Inclusive, good-quality education is a foundation for dynamic and equitable societies” Desmond Tutu

The Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA) is not your typical business school and their seventh annual Graduation was no typical graduation ceremony. Students may come from diverse backgrounds, but their dreams are all the same – to study at tertiary level and change not only their lives, but those around them. Their dreams became a reality after being awarded tuition scholarships to study accredited, tertiary level business courses at TSiBA focused on developing entrepreneurship and leadership. Rather than pay back their scholarships monetarily, students are required to Pay it Forward transferring knowledge, skills and resources they gain at TSiBA back into their communities. This unique university has the highest percentage of graduates who have won internationally prestigious awards.

For the first time two Bachelor in Business Administration graduates, Joyline Maenzanise and Joseph Maisels, graduated from their degree Cum Laude. Even more inspiring is that many TSiBA students are the first in their families, even communities, to graduate at tertiary level. Maisels reflected on how “TSiBA not only provided me with the opportunity to study, but supported me in continuing to doing so after my first year when I had to suspend my studies after falling very ill, even helping me find medical care. I am not sure where I would have been today if it weren’t for TSiBA’s intervention. At TSiBA I grew as a leader through their unique, holistic attitude to education which includes things like mentorship and practical work experience. This helped develop my career path and entrepreneurial ability to innovate and take educated risks. Thank you to all involved with TSiBA who go beyond the call of duty to provide vital support and development to all the students – other people just like me.”

This story’s happy end didn’t stop with this new cohort of future leaders and entrepreneurs. An Honorary Postgraduate Diploma in Small Enterprise Consulting was awarded for the first time ever. This specialised, postgraduate course was designed for coaches and mentors who are providing critical help to small business owners to help them grow and develop their businesses to ensure they are profitable and sustainable. The inaugural recipient was announced as Luvuyo Rani, a former teacher who grew up in the townships and started his computer sales business from the boot of his car in 2004 .

Rani first came to TSiBA’s Ignition Centre to seeking help with drafting of his first business plan for Silulo Uluthu Technology.  Today, Silulo has grown from a single internet café to a multi-million rand company offering computer training courses, internet café, business centre services, IT retail and repairs. Luvuyo currently employs over 65 people in 18 stores across 7 Western Cape townships affording access to IT training and services for thousands of residents of these communities.  Rani is a hugely successful and inspiring role-model for TSiBA students and graduates who are starting out their work careers. His hard work, commitment, openness to learn, flair with innovation saw him filling a gaping gap in the market to provide IT services to the townships of South Africa.

The significance of this momentous milestone was summed up by various students like Natheerah Noor Mohammed, 2015 Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) Graduate, who said “it means a lot to have reached this graduation milestone along with my sister. We are the first in our household to graduate with a degree - and hopefully not the last as I have 5 younger siblings! I wish that we inspire them to also study further. The support I received from all involved with TSiBA during my four years of study was amazing. I used my opportunity to help many other people in various community projects. Paying It Forward is something I will definitely continue.”

Another BBA Graduate, Ronelle Sampson-Mietas says “I wanted to prove to my kids that with hard work, dedication, perseverance and commitment, no matter how old you are, it can be done. My dream is to help my husband run his own business, however for now it’s having consistency in my family’s life by getting a job and coming home with a steady income to support the family.”

“TSiBA is unique in that it balances the curriculum with both academic content and experiential learning. Individuals selected are nurtured to grow in confidence and acquire the values, attributes and behaviour of a leader to become grounded in themselves, their community, country and the world. This is achieved through the “Profile of Graduateness” which places attitude at the heart of the student’s development and layers skills and knowledge around this.  TSiBA seeks to ensure that students are equipped not only for further study and the working world, but also develop a social conscience and the skills to build our nation. Even more impressive is that 95% of TSiBA degree graduates are employed, entrepreneurs or studying at postgraduate level.’ says TSiBA CEO Adri Marais.


The Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA) was founded in 2004 with a vision to “Ignite Opportunity”.  Our mission is to be an innovative learning community that graduates entrepreneurial leaders who ignite opportunity and social change.

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