TSiBA's New CEO: June Quarterly Newsletter
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  • STUDENTS – Lyle Johnson's Steps to Success
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP – TSiBA Eden Ignition Centre Launch
  • EVENTS – A Journey of an Entrepreneur
  • EDEN – I Am a Warrior
  • PARTNERS – Juta Treasures TSiBA
  • ALUMNI – For Her Love of Soccer
  • STAFF – Linda Donates Herself

June 2012


Dear Friend,
I am delighted to inform you that after an extensive nationwide search, the Board of TSiBA Education concluded that our very own Adri Marais is the best person to succeed Leigh Meinert as CEO. Adri is also a co-founder and has ably held the academic portfolio to date. Under her watch, we gained accreditation for our degree and two other programmes and produced 4 Mandela Rhodes scholars.

More than 50 people applied for the post of CEO, 8 were shortlisted and 3 were interviewed. We found that Adri had the rare mix of academic experience and business acumen that the role requires, as well as the vision and the passion to take TSiBA forward. On the 15th of June 2012 the Board unanimously endorsed the HR & Remuneration Committee’s proposal to appoint Adri as of the 1st of July.

Leigh will continue to remain at TSiBA in a restructured role. On behalf of the Board of TSiBA Education, I wish to extend our sincere thanks to Leigh for her leadership of the past six years and a very warm welcome to Adri.

Yours in Igniting Opportunity,

Professor Fatima Abrahams


STUDENTS – Lyle Johnson's Steps to Success

Pictured: Lyle Johnson, IPJ-3 Student at TSiBA Cape Town

Lyle Johnson is a final year student at TSiBA this semester. He has just completed his 3-month internship - Individual Practical Industry Project (IPJ) - at General Reinsurance based in the V&A Waterfront.
TSiBA has not been a smooth ride for Lyle; he has faced many academic and personal challenges. Last year he broke his leg and was hobbling to campus as he was determined to pull through. He is also very keen on soccer.
Here he shares his secret to success:

1.      God first
Matthew 6:33 “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well”. Lyle says, “This is one of my favourite verses that has stuck with me through my studies. It is hard work studying toward a degree, but I have realised that everything I have in life it is only because of the grace of God. I also believe the quote by Joyce Meyer: ‘Never work God into your schedule, work your schedule around God’. So no matter how busy we are, we should always make time for God and seek him first above all else, and he will provide for our needs.”

2.     Keep your eye on the prize
Studying toward a degree means tons of assignments, tests, presentations, exams and so forth. It is a lot of hard work. Lyle says that when he felt that things were becoming too tough for him, he kept the end result in mind and knew he would be rewarded for putting in the hard work.

3.     When you fall, get back up
“My journey at TSiBA was not always smooth. There were a few bumps along the way. I failed a couple of subjects and wrote a few supplementary exams as well, but what is important is that I never gave up and got right back up every time.”

Lyle also went through a work preparedness course at TSiBA and some home truths were shared with him. He took them in his stride to make changes and he did very well during his internship. Lyle is due to graduate in July.

Written by Benu Mukhopadhyay, TSiBA Cape Town Career Centre Manager

EVENTS – Kick Start Your Business

Pictured above: Luvuyo Rhani, MD at Silulo Ulutho Technologies
The TSiBA Cape Town Ignition Centre held the second Quarterly Breakfast for the year on 22 May 2012. The event was well attended by more than 50 entrepreneurs from all over Cape Town. This year’s theme is “A Journey of an Entrepreneur”. The guest speakers are successful local entrepreneurs and they share their success stories, challenges and goals.  
Luvuyo Rani of Silulo Ulutho Technologies was one of two guest speakers. He is a former teacher that started his business from the boot of his Corsa Lite.  Silulo Ulutho now has 18 internet cafés and training centers in Cape Town and recently opened its first internet café in Queenstown.  Luvuyo gave an excellent talk sharing his incredible story about how he grew his technology business with the help of the TSiBA Ignition Centre. In 2010, Silulo ws awarded second place in the SAB Kick start competition. In a letter to TSiBA Luvuyo wrote “Thank you for believing in us and giving us the encouragement and advice on how to run Silulo. The work you do to assist entrepreneurs is great; you are making a huge difference in people’s lives.”
Eloise Jacobs of EBJ Catering was the second guest speaker. She first came to TSiBA in 2010 to attend the Micro MBA Course. Prior to starting her business she had been a supervisor in a clothing factory for 24 years. Now she has the City of Cape Town, Education Department and Khayelitsha Hospital on her list of clients. “Without the on-going support of TSiBA Ignition Centre, I would not have made a success of my business. Thank you so much to the dedicated staff of the Ignition Centre”, says Eloise Jacobs.
The surprise draw was a great way to end the breakfast. The prize was an interesting book titled Starting Your Own Business in South Africa and Israel Lunta from Rabouni Cleaning was the winner.
Our next Cape Town Quarterly Breakfast will be on Tuesday 21 August 2012. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Sonja Hagins at 021 532-2750 ext 128 or email sonja@tsiba.org.za

Written By: Sonja Hagins, Ignition Centre Co-ordinator at TSiBA Cape Town

EDEN – I Am a Warrior

Pictured: Andrew Page-Wood of Mankind Project and TSiBA Eden Warriors
In April this year TSiBA Eden was contacted by Andrew Page-Wood, a local businessman with a long history of allegiance to the campus. He explained that his dream of launching the Mankind Project to the Garden Route seemed to be taking shape. Andrew wanted to know whether TSiBA Eden might be interested in sending a small group of students to attend the course.
Naturally, TSiBA jumped at the chance and set a challenge to the male students to write letter of motivation to gain access. They negotiated with the Mankind Project to send two subsidised and three sponsored TSiBA Eden students to attend the New Warrior Weekend. The students had a strong, positive impact on the men attending the course, many of whom are Garden Route-based businessmen. The students themselves were profoundly affected by the experience.
Mbulelo, one of the students who attended the course, wrote:
 “The first day I went there it seemed to be a mistake because I didn't see a reason for me be there. Everything just went from bad to worse, but the following day everything started to make sense because I told myself why would I be the one who was going to run and who was going to not participate.”
The first day went by with good things happening and everything started to become clearer and I felt very young and like a baby. I couldn't think.  I felt like everything had been taken away; I felt like an empty bottle.  It seemed everything became brighter each moment. The Mankind Project released my anger, hate, judging and gave me love, hope and the chance to be a better person. I am man with integrity, a man with the ability to do anything, The experience showed me that everything is possible if you put your mind and your heart to it.
I love the new Mbulelo that I have become. I love the Man I am. I love the people who believed in me when I didn't. If I had a way to describe how I feel, I would just say that it is written in the light that shines from my face and written in my heart.
Man Kind Project took my life from the cave and left it in paradise. I am the warrior!”
Written by: Suzi Cinderey, Student Affairs Manager at TSiBA Eden

STAFF – Linda Donates Herself
Pictured: Linda Brash, Brand Manager at TSiBA
Linda Brash, TSiBA Brand Manager, has donated herself to TSiBA as part of Vodacom’s Change the World Programme. TSiBA is the only organisation in the Western Cape selected for the programme.
The Vodacom Foundation representatives showed great interest at TSiBA after visiting Cape Town Campus in 2011. They encouraged TSiBA to apply for the Change the World programme. Beverley Basson, Relationships Manager, completed the online application in 2011 and early this year she received the fantastic news that TSiBA had been selected as one of the reputable non-profit organizations to benefit from the expertise of a skilled South African in the field of marketing.
Linda Brash is based at the TSiBA Cape Town Campus from May 2012 – April 2013. Linda comes with extensive experience and qualifications in the marketing and PR field. She has six goals for the year: develop, communicate and implement a marketing strategy; develop brand guidelines; raise TSiBA’s Profile in the media through public relations; improve internal marketing, develop and implement an academic marketing strategy and support the marketing team.
Linda has been with TSiBA for just two months, but the amount of work she has done so far to achieve her goals is remarkable. She works fast and efficiently. She was not lying when she said during her interview with TSiBA that she liked to get things done. She has been on a high school visit and met potential TSiBA students. She has also spent time with the different internal departments to understand their needs and has attended TSiBA events and interviewed TSiBA students who have beautiful stories to tell. “There are so many special stories to tell at TSiBA and I’ve spent time with these people so that I can write their stories and pitch them to relevant media for additional brand awareness”, Linda Brash.
TSiBA is excited to have Linda onboard. She is brilliant at what she does. We thank Vodacom for such a vibrant Brand Manager.
Written by: Ntombiza Lingani, Marketing Coordinator at TSiBA

2012 Wish List
Below is a list of items that will add immense value as donations: 
  • Volunteer lecturers and tutors
  • Novels for the book-club A4 printing paper
  • A3 coloured cards
  • Ghetto blaster and speakers for relaxation sessions
  • Dictaphones or any voice recording device
  • A venue for the Curriculum Conference, catering and transport
  • Prizes or gift vouchers for the academic award ceremony
  • Airmiles
  • Contributions to our emergency food and transport fund for students in need
  • A 60m/2 container or wendy house for extending the TSiBA Eden Ignition Centrr
  • Driving lessons and volunteer driver
Please contact beverley@tsiba.org.zaif you can assist any of the above or would like to support TSiBA in any other way.

Contact Us

TSiBA Cape Town (021) 532 2750
TSiBA Eden (044) 356 2789
Website: www.tsiba.org.za
Blog: www.tsiba.blog.com
Twitter: TSiBA_Education
Facebook: TSiBA Education

ENTREPRENEURSHIP – TSiBA Eden Ignition Centre Launch

Pictured: Lwayipi Sam and Alain Leger, TSiBA Eden Ignition Centre

TSiBA Eden took a giant leap (tsiba!) on Friday 1 June 2012 by officially launching the TSiBA Eden Ignition Centre in Karatara with a symbolic ceremonial ribbon cutting, by Lwayipi Sam (local community representative) and Alain Leger (donor).
The launch was well attended by friends of TSiBA, employers, service providers, mentors and representatives of the Knysna Municipality. Guests also included the Old Mutual Ilima Trust, SANPARKS, MTO-Cape Pine, LifeLine Garden Route and Masithandane. Some individuals came from as far as Cape Town and the Eastern Cape to witness this important event for TSiBA Eden.
It was a glorious, sunny afternoon with the impenetrable views, of the surrounding mountains set against the clear blue skies, providing a stunning back drop to the buzz of chatter and delightful sampling of locally inspired finger food.
Sandy Ueckermann, TSiBA Eden Executive Director, thanked Lwayipi Sam and Mr Leger for their unwavering support which culminated in bringing the Ignition Centre to Karatara. Genevieve Keene, the Eden Ignition Centre Co-ordinator, spoke of the centre’s poignant achievements to date; and Peter Kraan, the Cape Town Co-ordinator, inspired the group with stories of the success of the Ignition Centre’s entrepreneurs in Cape Town. Anita Janse van Vuuren, a local entrepreneur, described how she benefited from the support and business coaching with Deon Kruger, her mentor from the Old Mutual of Ilima Trust. Deon confirmed the progress that she has made since joining the Ignition Centre. Leigh Meinert, Managing Director of TSiBA Education, expressed her appreciation towards all the parties involved in the establishment of the centre.
People were moved by the considerate words of Alain Leger, who thanked TSiBA for the work that is being done. He highlighted how TSiBA marries education with essential values to encourage sustainability and sharing opportunities with one’s community. The ribbon ceremony was preceded by the inspiring words of Lwayipi Sam who insisted that the Ignition Centre grows and makes a difference in the lives of the youth in Karatara.
TSiBA Ignition Centres are hubs dedicated to extending TSiBA’s mission of “Igniting Opportunity” to reach beyond the students and into the communities our campuses serve.  They aim to help individuals who are unable to enrol in full time study to jump ahead in life.  The centres offer support to job seekers and entrepreneurs through specific training courses, mentorship programmes, networking opportunities, access to business networks, office infrastructure and business instruments

Written by: Peter Kraan, Ignition Centre Manager at TSiBA Cape Town

PARTNERS – Juta Treasures TSiBA

Pictured: HCBA Students at the TSiBA Cape Town Library

At TSiBA we are able to offer our students access to excellent education because of a whole host of donors and sponsors’ contributions. Of course, classes would be impossible without textbooks, and we have been incredibly lucky to have the support of in-kind textbook donations from Juta & Company (Juta).

Juta is the oldest publishing house in South Africa and, remarkably, the company remains true to its initial intent to service education and information requirements. For close on 160 years Juta has been especially associated with Law, Education and Academic publishing and retailing.

Dr Lee Kingman (Group Human Resources Manager) has played a pivotal role in building the relationship between Juta and TSiBA. She is also a regular volunteer lecturer in Management and HR and has contributed hugely to the development of a custom HR textbook for our degree students.  For Lee, the opportunity to lecture at TSiBA is a gift in understanding our youth; she also believes that it is through teaching that we learn.

Juta has also had the pleasure of hosting TSiBA interns annually. Says Lee, “These intern shave always impressed us with their high quotient of emotional intelligence, enthusiasm and openness to learning. We attribute these excellent competencies to the teaching and learning methodology that TSiBA has evolved”.

In the next few weeks Juta & Co will also be entering into an Enterprise Development project with TSiBA’s Innovation & Knowledge Management students and with the organisers of the TSiBA Trial Runs. Watch this space for updates on how this new element further cements what is a very special relationship between organisations that share many values and a firm belief in the transformative power of education.

Says Lee, “TSiBA’s values and ethos are very closely aligned to Juta’s in that we believe that education, life-long learning and access to credible and trusted information are the building blocks of a healthy and vibrant society. Juta treasures its relationship with TSiBA since inception and values the sustainability of credible CSI and ED interventions which afford us the opportunity to Pay it Forward”.

Written by: Beverley Basson, Relationships Manager at TSiBA Cape Town

ALUMNI – For Her Love of Soccer

Pictured: Coach Ntobeko Selani and the TSiBA Girls Soccer Team
Nqobile Bhengu, a recent TSiBA graduate is truly a lady who knows how to get things done.

Nqobile did her final capstone internship (IPJ) at Novartis in Switzerland and her project was about the treatment of malaria. Other projects were suggested to her, but she came up with her own project that allowed her to use her skills and experience. Through her determination she convinced her manager, supervisor and department head to find money and send her Malawi to conduct the necessary research.

She did not stop there. Over dinner with Neil Anthony, Head of Global HR at Novartis, she talked about her love for soccer that she shares with Neil and his daughter. Her TSiBA soccer team has been looking the sponsorship for soccer boots and shin guards for a while. Neil felt that Nqobile’s team deserved support after learning about the team’s drive and dedication even though they have no proper gear.

During this conversation Neil mentioned that if there was a need for the soccer team he could assist with, he would be happy to oblige. Upon her return to South Africa, Nqobile got quotes for what was needed, as is her professional manner, and presented this to Neil. Nqobile has now secured not only soccer boots for the whole team but shin guards thanks to Neil Anthony.

The girls have sent a thank you card to Neil along with some proud pictures. “It feels like a dream come true. The team spirit is stronger because we now feel like professional players and we play with pride”, said Nqobile.

Ntobeko Selani is the team coach. He has been coaching the team since 2011 when the team joined the University Sports South Africa League.

We wish them all well and hope they will gain much from being part of the Girls Soccer Team at TSiBA!

Written by: Benu Mukhopadhyay, Career Centre Mananger at TSiBA Cape Town


We would like to encourage you to register for a MySchool card and nominate TSiBA Education as the beneficiary (Village Name: TSiBA, Branch: 11245). It will not cost you anything and TSiBA will receive 10% of the value of the item(s) you purchase.
MySchool is South Africa’s biggest fundraising programme. They raise over R2.2 million monthly for more than 9000 schools, charities, environmental & animal welfare organisations.
You can apply online
www.myschool.co.za or e-mail ordercard@vmp.co.za, call 0860 100 445 or simply complete a form that you can pick up at Woolworths. Partners of the MySchool programme include Woolworths, Toys R Us, Waltons, Jack’s Paint & Hardware, Kalahari.com and Engen.
Thank you for your support.

Dates to Diarise
The last Thursday of every month we hold a Volunteer Briefing Breakfast where we invite people interested in volunteering at TSiBA to learn more about how they can get involved.

TSiBA Eden
  • 30 June 2012: Graduation Ceremony
  • 18 July 2012: Leaders of Youth Lunch
  • 10 August: Vacation Day

TSiBA Cape Town
  • 28 June 2012: Volunteer Briefing Breakfast and Mentorship Intervision
  • 16 July 2012: Semester 2 commences
  • 20 July 2012: Graduation Ceremony
  • 20 July 2012: Business Talk Course - how to communicate effectively, provides practical advice and details the processes of structured written communication, e-mail and telephone etiquette and the value of quick response
  • 20 – 21 September 2012: Creating Change Champions Course – change through social networks. Provides guidelines on selecting change champions as well as the knowledge and tools to direct and assist change champions to orchestrate desired change.
  • 26 July 2012: Volunteer Briefing Breakfast and Mentorship Intervision
  • 22 August 2012: Ignition Centre’s Quarterly Networking Breakfast
  • 30 August 2012: Volunteer Briefing Breakfast and Mentorship Intervision
  • 31 August 2012: Last day of Term 3 lecturers
  • 06 September 2012: Curriculum Review
  • 27 September 2012: Volunteer Briefing Breakfast and Mentorship Intervision

Closing Thought

Think Global, Act Local. Support a TSiBA Campus nearest to you!
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