Who we are


TSIBA is a unique social enterprise that has invested successfully in ambitious humans since 2004. TSIBA includes a Business School, Ignition Academy and Education Trust working together to return highly sought after graduates and successful small business enterprises.

We seek ambitious, purpose driven people and emerging businesses who want to take South Africa forward. We are passionate about the  transformative impact of education as a catalyst to unlock the best of what humans can be.

Our Vision
To challenge the status quo of business education through a values-based approach to teaching and learning in a changing world.

Our Mission
We invest in purpose-driven humans and emerging businesses who lead social change.

TSIBA Business School

TSIBA specialises in business education that taps into individual potential to nurture powerful purpose in a supportive learning community.

Return on investment since TSIBA’s inception in 2004 includes over 90% of graduates directly entering employment after completing their studies, eight Mandela Rhodes and three Kofi Annan Fellows, who have gone on to obtain Masters degrees in Africa and in Europe.

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TSIBA Ignition Academy

Corporate and emerging business enterprises wishing to upskill their staff, participate in learnerships or diversify their supplier chain can partner with the TSIBA Ignition Academy in skills development and bespoke entrepreneurial support programmes.

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TSIBA Education Trust

Ensuring that TSIBA business degree programmes remain inclusive and accessible, the Trust was set up as an effective empowerment equity partner. The TSIBA Education Trust holds 100% ownership of the TSIBA Ignition Academy (Pty) Ltd.

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