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The Individual’s Decision

By Sandi Sher on 28 Aug 2013 in

The individual’s decision

Written by Tinashe Munyuk, HCBA Student at TSiBA Cape Town (originally from Zimbabwe)

In many people’s lives, a lot happened resulting in the way one’s life became. Some encounter challenging moments which result in dire consequences in their lives. Financial hurdles, poor backgrounds, only to mention but…

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Entrepreneurial Spirit in our Graduates

By HR on 28 Aug 2013 in

Angel Décor was started by Theodosia Cloete who after years in the retail industry decided to follow her passion for décor and helping others to have beautiful event to remember. Together with her son Bethwill Cloete a TSiBA graduate started Angel Décor in 2009. The idea of a décor business…

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Bluenib designs

By HR on 27 Aug 2013 in

By Gordon White

Business Overview
In March 2010 Gordon White founded Bluenib Designs as a student at TSiBA with the aim of making website and graphic design accessible to all companies, big or small. Some of the services Bluenib offers include Website Design, Logo Design, Brochure Design, Business Card…

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Skateboarding with a social conscious

By HR on 27 Aug 2013 in

By Rayne Moses, founder of Nebula & BBA Graduate 2013

Photo: Winners from Skateboard Competition fundraiser held in Strand organised by Nebula
Rayne Moses sitting in front

It has always been my dream to have my own skateboard company, which is why I came to study…

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TSiBA-BMFsc hosts Women and Leadership

By Sandi Sher on 26 Aug 2013 in

By Keke Mohasi, TSiBA Cape Town student & Public Relations and Media for TSiBA BMFsc

As of the 20th August, We had one of the great, inspiration and successful businessman Bill-Guy Bhembe. He is the founder of Black Child Its Possible. He started his company at the age of 19,…

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Student Appreciation speech

By HR on 21 Aug 2013 in

Student Appreciation speech written and presented by Joseph Maisels at Graduation 2013.

Good afternoon distinguished guests and students

There is a ritual that I perform that I would like to share with you this afternoon. I perform this ritual when I things become too much with regards to my studies…

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Oom Sam Lwayipi Eulogy 17 August 2013

By Sandi Sher on 20 Aug 2013 in

Written by Sandy Ueckermann, Executive Director of TSiBA Eden

I felt privileged and honoured to be asked by the Lwayipi family to give a eulogy at Oom Sam’s funeral on 17 Aug 2013. His funeral was attended by hundreds of people - from politicians, to clergy, to academics, and mostly,…

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Top Women !!! Thank You TSiBA

By HR on 12 Aug 2013 in

Written by Nicole Kada, TSiBA BBA3 Student & FNB Fund Scholar currently doing her IPJ at Futuregrowth Asset Management within the Client Management Department.

Hi All

As I am sitting at my desk, all of a sudden my mind starts wondering off to TSiBA- this confirms two things:…

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BBA1’s Charlotte, Chanel and Charne’s experiences during their internships

By HR on 07 Aug 2013 in

My name is Charlotte Dreyer and I am a BBA1 (Bachelor in Business Administration) student at TSiBA Cape Town. Doing an internship at any company is part of the curriculum at TSiBA which is why 9 other students and I responded to an email that was sent by Benu Mukhopadhyay…

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Iftaar - breaking of the Fast.

By HR on 06 Aug 2013 in

Our very own HCBA student, Saaliegh Abbas, together with his community-leader Mum, his father and several of her friends, fed about 1000 people in Hanover Park for the Iftaar - breaking of the Fast.  Besides the joy in which both Saaliegh and every person involved served, I was very moved…

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