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My Surprise Holiday Work Experience at TSiBA

By admin on 03 Jan 2014 in

Written by Romzi Basardien, 2013 BBA2 student & SRC Academic Representative TSiBA Cape Town

When I saw the email that TSiBA were looking for people to work in the holiday call centre, I wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted to get involved in. Initially, I wanted to do…

A year in my life at TSiBA ... 2013 in retrospect.

By Sandi Sher on 02 Jan 2014 in

Written by Joyline Maenzanise, BBA3 student at TSiBA Cape Town

Photo left to right: Joy with fellow student Janice Olyn.

My name is Joyline Maenzanise, better known by most as Joy. 2012 marked my third year at TSIBA and second year as a degree student. Best believe, resilience sees one…