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What Paying It Forward Means To Me

By admin on 28 Aug 2014 in

Written by Soren Cloete, TSiBA Volunteer

I heard about TSiBA, when Dorothea Hendricks, who was the Student Counselor at the time (also related to me), told me about TSiBA and invited me to come join and do some volunteer work because I was just sitting at home. I actually don’t…

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How I Make a Difference: S.U.P developing Initiatives

By Sandi Sher on 13 Aug 2014 in

By Siyasamkela Kilani, TSiBA 2014 HCBA student, Langa, Cape Town

Our vision is to be part of a community that you feel safe and loved in. We want to walk around the streets of South Africa without shivering with fear of being brutally killed for our belongings;…

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