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TSiBA SRC Invited to New Hope Summit

By admin on 22 Apr 2016 in

The New hope Summit was held in Stellenbosch University, the topic of this discussion was “Transformation and Decolonisation in higher learning institutions and the role of Student Representative Council (SRC) in the transformation process”. TSiBA SRC were invited to attend and assist with organisation of the summit to engage with…

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Does social media cause more harm than good?

By Kwanele Magwaca on 06 Apr 2016 in TSiBA Eden Blog

It is an undeniable fact that we live in a technologically advanced world where information is readily available to anyone, anytime and anywhere. This has made life so much easier and convenient for all, but just like everything in life that convenience comes with responsibility. If one is not careful…

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TSiBA Eden gets a visit from Franklin University students

By admin on 04 Apr 2016 in

Franklin University Switzerland joined Eden students to workshop global issues hosted by Armando Zanecchia, Professor of Political Science & Int. Management, organised by Elisabeth Leaning & Nathalie Belet of local NGO Conservation Global.

Armando incorporates Sustainable Development into his curriculum and has been involved in a number of projects…

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