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Oom Sam Lwayipi Eulogy 17 August 2013

20 Aug 2013 in

Written by Sandy Ueckermann, Executive Director of TSiBA Eden

I felt privileged and honoured to be asked by the Lwayipi family to give a eulogy at Oom Sam’s funeral on 17 Aug 2013. His funeral was attended by hundreds of people - from politicians, to clergy, to academics, and mostly,…

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Top Women !!! Thank You TSiBA

12 Aug 2013 in

Written by Nicole Kada, TSiBA BBA3 Student & FNB Fund Scholar currently doing her IPJ at Futuregrowth Asset Management within the Client Management Department.

Hi All

As I am sitting at my desk, all of a sudden my mind starts wondering off to TSiBA- this confirms two things:…

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BBA1’s Charlotte, Chanel and Charne’s experiences during their internships

07 Aug 2013 in

My name is Charlotte Dreyer and I am a BBA1 (Bachelor in Business Administration) student at TSiBA Cape Town. Doing an internship at any company is part of the curriculum at TSiBA which is why 9 other students and I responded to an email that was sent by Benu Mukhopadhyay…

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Iftaar - breaking of the Fast.

06 Aug 2013 in

Our very own HCBA student, Saaliegh Abbas, together with his community-leader Mum, his father and several of her friends, fed about 1000 people in Hanover Park for the Iftaar - breaking of the Fast.  Besides the joy in which both Saaliegh and every person involved served, I was very moved…

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GRADUATION 2013: Their moment in time

30 Jul 2013 in

Written by: Samantha Cyster

One of the most important dates on the TSiBA 2013 calendar, 19 July 2013. This is a date that the 27 graduates will remember, for the rest of their lives.

The venue has been set and guests started pouring in for yet another TSiBA Graduation.…

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My metaphorical hike at TSiBA

26 Jul 2013 in

Written By: Sharon Tan

This is a journey I’ll be taking you on, my metaphorical hike. In our placement at TSiBA, we were invited to sit in on a class with a small group of 3rd year students. It was almost like a group counselling session, and we spoke about…

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Understanding South Africa

25 Jul 2013 in

Written By: Aditya Todi

Amongst all the stories that I have read and heard growing up, there is one that has long stayed with me. It is a story about six blind men and a elephant. Many of you may already be familiar with the story so I will only…

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Celebrating Madiba’s Birthday!

24 Jul 2013 in

Written by Sarah Hartenstein & Johannes Depeneu (German Exchange Student Interns at TSiBA Cape Town)

Starting our fourth day at TSiBA we were very busy in helping for the preparation of the biggest event of the “TSiBA year” - The Graduation.

Today is the 95th birthday of Nelson Mandela (or…

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TSiBA Eden’s Soccer Fundi Thapelo Mokoaleli

05 Jul 2013 in

Written by Marilyn

In the very middle in the front row with jersey number 8 is Thapelo Mokoaleli. Thapelo is 22 years old and comes from the Eastern Cape. He has been playing soccer since he was 12 years old, Thapelo has no parents only two brothers and an older…

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04 Jul 2013 in

Written by Louricia September, TSiBA Eden CPBA student and Student Marketing Officer

Graduation! Camera, lights, ACTION!

It might have seemed to the rest of the population to be just another day … but to an outstanding group of students, who attended TSiBA EDEN during the years 2011 and 2012, the…

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